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- the greatest love of all
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Name : Mingo
Birthday : 23 september 1999 -
12 February 2014
Colour : Pepper/ Salt

Mingo is our old sweet girl, she is as good as the day is long, but she do hate when we leave. That is mostly my fault, because I stay at home, so we have been together all the time. Maybe not optimal learning - to be home alone, but well what the hell. We can live with it . Pedigree
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Name : Peanut
Birthday : 5 april 2001 -
26 february 2010.
Colour : Black/Silver

Peanut was supposed to be in another family, but she was given back to the Kennel and we got her , she was our first choice and was happy that we could get her after all. She is greatly missed, and tears is still shed. She was a good little dog , and after fighting cancer and Kidney failure we had to let her go. Pedigree
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Name : Hoshi
Birthday : 13 december 2009
Colour : Black/Silver

Hoshi is one of our "twins". His soul and view of the world is laid back which match his love fully and funny spirit , that can bring joy to all families.
He is a beautiful big dog, and the love and pride of ours. He is pitch black, and the silver is silver and not white, which make him a beautiful Black/Silver.
Hoshi's Puppies pedigree
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Name : Ebi
Birthday 13 december 2009
Colour : Black/ Silver

Ebi is our troll, our fun one, the one you just can't stop loving. She is born with a small tail, that is placed just slightly to the right on her bum, that make her so cute when she wag her tiny tail, it just go round and round and round, like a little propeller. She sure have her own beauty and like her brother pitch black but more white than silver compared to her brother.
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Name : Lily
Birthday : 29 May 2012
Colour : Pepper / Salt

Lily is a cheeky little one, sweet and cute, everybody loves Lily. She is beautiful and little one.
She is the last in out pack and she tease the others a lot. She is just so loveable.
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Name : Turbo
Birthday : 29 August 2012
Colour : Black

Turbo is our newest member of the family. He came to us when he was 10 month old, and have capture our hearts with his way of goofing around.
Turbo is living here with us, but are owned by Kennel Chinon.

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    Who are we ??
    We are the goofy couple, that just love our fury kids. Yes I said kids, and are well aware that calling them that as a metaphor.
    So before you judged us please read the rest.

    Longtime ago, I got LUPUS, and due to that I'm not able to get kids. I guess that is both good and bad. Bad because I can't get kids, good because I found the love in my Schnauzers. And NO we do not treat them as kids although I admit that they are a bit spoiled sometimes.
    The good thing is that I'm always home with them, and I enjoy every second of it.
    Luckily I found my husband that works with IT, He had no burning desire to get kids, and he fell in love with both Mingo and Peanut at once ( we did not have the twins yet). We bought the Twins the year after we got married, and never regretted it one second.
    Please Donate so we can give more